Family Portrait FYI: What Do I Wear?

The end-of-summer/fall portrait season is upon us! Time to squeeze in those last precious days at the beach and start gravitating toward farms and orchards for the exquisite New England Autumn. As I get ready for this busy season full of families getting together for Christmas card images and treasured keepsake photos I can’t help but notice the most popular question I get from families after they book a shoot: “what do you recommend we wear??”

There is not right or wrong answer but I might be able to help you make the best choices for YOUR unique family. Here are a few tips!

1. Consider the season and location

If we are shooting at the beach the first week of September you probably won’t be bringing along those riding boots and leather jackets. You want to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose. Sandals and dresses, shorts and chambray shirts are always safe for the beach! Once the leaves start changing start thinking of boots and layers so you’re comfortable and appropriate.

2. Check the weather

This is a tricky one because our weather changes so quickly. Decide on your family’s foundation items and just have some cardigans on hand if it gets chilly. Too hot? Roll up those sleeves and jeans, or swap out for basics like khakis shorts and maxi skirts. If it’s raining we can still have fun – just grab some rain boots and umbrellas! Wind can be a big challenge so if the breeze feels strong try a simple undo for long hair so you aren’t constantly having to pull it out of faces.

3. Don’t feel like you need to match

It is totally not necessary to color coordinate everyone; in fact, having the entire family in the exact same outfit can take away from the personality of your crew. If you really like having the same palette or you’re trying to compliment a room in your home try using that one color as the theme but adding pops of color and accessories, as well as different shades of the color. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and patterns! Avoid text and characters so you don’t date the photos but if you love that orange chevron go for it! I love when families get bold and give each person a different look.

4. You can’t go wrong with navy

Still unsure? Colors that never fail are navy, neutrals like grey, black and tan, or pastels like soft pink and baby blue. Denim and chambray are both trendy and versatile. Add a bright necklace or scarf or a fun bow tie with a collared shirt if you’d like some brighter details.


Ready to schedule your family’s session? September is nearly sold out and we are looking into October and November! Weekends are especially sparse so call or email to get a good date. Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer!

Married: Patti + John

SO on Saturday I went to the playground, checked out some antique cars, walked in the woods, and got snow cones at an ice cream truck. Playdate with the kids you ask? Oh no, it was the incredibly fun wedding of Patti and John! This couple had no fear of dirtying the wedding (incredibly gorgeous) dress or missing out on cocktail hour – they were so happy to be together and were thoroughly set on enjoying the heck out of their big day. Thank you Erin for helping me capture some awesome moments. Congratulations to a fabulous couple!

I personally loved the Munchkins paired with Champagne – classic combo
Yeah you really did look awesome Patti =)
Saying hi to her wonderful dad, Jack
This bride looked STUNNING. I am thoroughly obsessed with her dress.

A few doors down John was spending his pre-wedding moments with his special little ladies <3

I thought they were too calm and well behaved so I instigated a little jumping on the bed with dad
Over at L’Andana it was time to get married
The humidity made rings a little challenging!
Loved that Erin was able to hide in the audience and capture this unique angle 
We high tailed it to the car so we could go find some fun places for photos. The newlyweds drove =)
There just happened to be an adorable fair happening nearby, so we checked out the cars
Two shots at the same time – fun dual perspective!
Swinging! Yes we may have kicked a toddler off for a few minutes…
The early evening light filtering through the trees was pretty cool
Back at L’Andana the space was looking gorgeous
Some humorous and emotional toasts
And then…party time
It was a fabulous day and I’m so happy for you two! Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day. XO

Married: Colleen + Casey

Colleen and Casey were so contagiously happy on their wedding day! Red Lion Inn was full of gorgeous flowers, beautiful details, and the couples loving friends and family.

The vine for the floral details were hand picked from Colleen’s back yard!
Some special little guests added to the entertainment 
Coleen sent Casey and awesome gift bucket full of all his favorite treats =)

A little pre wedding festivity!
Colleen and her dad had a special moment before the ceremony
Bridal party looking fabulous!
Three different styles of aisle walking
Inside was stunning – even the corks for the centerpieces were donated by friends and family
The new Mr. and Mrs.!
Congratulations Colleen and Casey! What a perfect night – I hope you enjoyed every second!

Married: Bryan + Lauren

I met Lauren a few years ago through the town Kids Klub. My kids loved spending the day with Miss Lauren and we got to know her and the Miss Kim at the Rec department. One day the ladies mentioned that they had looked me up (from the name on my checks) and were  following my page. A short time later Lauren announced that she had stuck my business card on her bureau mirror as a hint to her then-boyfriend! Hilarious! fast forward a little bit and Lauren’s mom tells me that Bryan is planning to propose. We captured the whole thing and did their engagement session too. Over time we became friends and my whole family loves Lauren and Bryan – they’re two of the kindest, most loving people you can ever hope to meet. High school sweethearts who have been together forever, now they both spend a lot of time caring for kids (Bryan is a teacher at a high school and Lauren runs several of the Park and Rec programs). Lauren even assisted me at many of my wedding last year when I was pregnant, so she got to know the behind-the-scenes aspect of this crazy business. It’s been so exciting helping with the wedding plans and hearing all the details. It’s hard to believe the day came and went so quickly, but it was certainly magical and beautiful. I couldn’t be happier for these two and feel honored to have watched and captured a piece of their love story.

Congratulations Lauren and Bryan! Here is a peak at their gorgeous wedding day at Bittersweet Farm <3

Lauren and the ladies had a great house for getting ready before the wedding.

Kat spent some time hanging out with the guys at their hotel suite.
These two were a riot all day long!
With everyone at Bittersweet, Bryan and Lauren got to see each other for the first time that day.
They were SO EXCITED
Not going to lie, I may have possibly shed a tear too =)
Now it’s time to get married! This old door was from Lauren’s grandfather’s house
Lookin’ good Bry!

Some special touches
Double trouble
The new family!
Gorgeous group
Since Lauren and Bryan are high school sweethearts, and Bryan’s a teacher, a bus from their town made it’s way to Bittersweet!
This might be my favorite photo ever. The boys’ faces are priceless!
It was simply beautiful in the evening light
A little magic filtering through the trees
There were so many awesome DIY details, including these signs Lauren and Bryan stained and painted. 
I am obsessed with the ladder shelf Lauren’s dad made for their escort cards. If it would have fit in my car I might have tried to bring it home!
These cupcakes looked amazing
Lauren wanted the flowers to loo like they were just brought in from a field. So pretty
Their first dance
Seriously it was such an amazing day, and I’m a little sad it’s over! Love you two and we are so very happy for you. xoxoxo

Married: Keisha + Benjy

Friday I trekked up to the gorgeous Glen Magna Farms to celebrate Keisha and Benjy’s wedding. Talk about a picture perfect June day! The gardens were in bloom, the sun was shining, and it was a perfect evening. Keisha and Benjy decided to have an intimate day with only their closest friends and family, and it was awesome to be a part of it!

Beautiful Keisha
Her father was blown away by his little girl all dressed up
Benjy and his brother getting ready
The garden at Glen Magna is a gorgeous spot for a ceremony. 
Seeing his lovely bride =)
Married =)
Jumping the broom!
Pretty, summery details outside on the veranda and back lawn
A little fun with the cake!
This family knows how to have fun – Keisha’s father was one of the most animated  I’ve ever had the chance to photograph!