Engaged: Blake + Jenn

Anyone who followed the giveaway action may recognize these guys as one of the awesome couples who participated! We met on a recent “spring” evening in Boston (you know, the type of spring that requires winter coats and still involves snow – ugh). We made the most of it though, first with a quick tour of the Boston Public Library and then a fun jaunt through the Back Bay past some favorite spots. Blake and Jenn know how to have fun. Yeah. That might be an understatement. I laughed way too much while hanging out with these two =) and can only imagine how much fun will be had on their wedding day!  With Blake in the Navy they spend a lot of time apart but you can certainly feel the love when they’re both on dry land. Thank you both for spending an evening with me!


Carol Warfield - So cute. Love you both.
MomMarch 30, 2015 – 5:21 pm

Jessica - These are so great! Jenn you look So Gorgeous! Congrats again, Blenn!March 30, 2015 – 4:30 pm

leiha - Love! Love! Love these! Woo hoo! :) March 30, 2015 – 4:20 pm

Introducing Georgia

Sunday morning before the Superbowl I spent some time with precious baby Georgia and her gorgeous family. This little one looks so much like her big sister Ella, whose baby pictures I did two and a half years ago!  It’s always special watching a family grow <3

Duke made an appearance in family photos this time!

I think it’s safe to say Ells loves her baby sister =)
This little beauty was our good luck charm for the AFC and Superbowl!

Taking the “right” photographs

Good morning! Happy Friday! Sick of the snow yet? Me too. Winter is annoying, but it’s good for some things…like updating, refining, setting goals. Over the winter I’ve been working on fine tuning my website and offerings to really reflect what I love to photograph and what I’m good at. As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve added to my portrait offerings  with the new Day in the Life Sessions – sessions focused on capturing a slice of life that may or may not include those perfect portraits, but which will always include your cherished moments with loved ones. I’ve noticed over the years with my own family that I often leave my camera at home for those big, traditional things like first day of school, school plays, etc, and just soak in those experiences. The stuff I love to pull the camera out for is the snowball fights, playing with favorite toys, the little in between stuff that I’ll most want to remember when my kids are grown up and moved on.

Ironically, a blog post was on my Facebook feed today that talked about exactly where my mind was going with the new session offerings and my personal photos of my kids. Scary Mommy’s post “I Photographed My Children at All the Wrong Times” talks about how you miss so much by openly focusing on the “big important moments” and not the quiet little everyday ones. It inspired me to talk a little more and share why I think this is so important. Those of you who have been in front of my camera know that I always encourage play and genuine interaction during our sessions even if the original goal was “just that perfect Christmas card picture” – and often the silly candids end up being your favorites. Why not honor those silly candids and stop focusing so much on the expected perfect portrait?

I mean, who doesn’t love that perfect baby photo? It’s set up just right and is gorgeous, of course. 

But, in reality, that could be any baby other than my little muffin. I could put any baby girl in a purple tutu and capture her precious face. What is uniquely my baby girl? Well, her glee when her two older siblings crashed our photo shoot:
The blizzard of 2015 and Caleb throwing snow in the air, covering all of us, when I tried to take a photo of the three of them:
Isabelle licking Delilah’s baby fingers and toes:
The “outtakes” from our little Valentine’s day photo shoot…outtakes that I’ll cherish more than the official portraits. These kids LOVE each other, and you don’t get that from lining them up in a row and telling them to “say cheese”
Caleb is almost getting too big to play with his trucks these days, so laying on the floor and rolling the cars around might not happen for much longer
Alexus still loves make believe, her model horses, and her dolls, but soon she’ll be trading them in for “big girl” stuff I’m sure, and I’ll miss the intricate setups she likes to create
SO what’s the point? Yes it’s really nice to have those gorgeous, perfectly crafted portraits of your family, with their clean new sweaters and clothes, perfect hair, smudge-free faces, all smiling at the camera. But it’s IMPORTANT to have pictures of the stuff you might not realize you miss until it’s gone. Make sure you take all the right photos and cherish them always <3

Meet Adriana

The morning before our big blizzard hit I spent some time cozied up with this precious little girl, Adriana, and her beautiful mama. We got some sleepy smiles and coddles from the peacefully snoozing baby. Welcome to the world, little one!

New for 2015

It felt like a good time for some changes and refinement around here – cleaning up, cutting the fluff, that sort of thing.  I’m also updating my offerings to reflect what I love to do or would like to try, while keeping the classics. Here are a few new things you’ll notice when poking around:

1. New logo! New look all around too. I loved my old look but it was feeling too complicated. What is it that I love to do? Capture moments and tell your stories in a clean, classic way, with lots of love and personal touches. That is the basis of everything, and I want you to feel that when you’re browsing the website.

2. All one site. Going along with simplifying is cutting out the multiple sites. I find that this blog is where I spend most of my time sharing the latest and greatest. Why not have everything here so you don’t have to click all over the internet? It’s still being tweaked a little but I’m loving it!

3. New offerings. I’m working on a few new things, from a personal project to a different approach to portrait making. I’m also trying to keep pricing simple and straightforward. Photos are an investment, and worth every penny since they are our windows to the past and way to reconnect with cherished memories, but there should be options for families and couples on many different budgets. You can check out the full price lists above under “Investment” but here is one of my favorite new additions! To celebrate this new offering, and because I really can’t wait for these sessions to become your favorites, I am offering the first two “Day in the Life” sessions booked at half price. SO who wants to save a ton of money?!

Day in the Life Sessions – {$1050}

This is a lifestyle session with minimal posing. I LOVE these shoots! Do you ever find yourself thinking, as you watch your children squeal with glee on the living room floor or stand shoulder to shoulder with your partner lovingly making dinner together, that you could just FREEZE these moments and come back to revisit them over and over because they make your heart so full? These are the parts of your story that I want to capture for you. We will work together to plan a day and time for me to come to your home or special place and be a fly on the wall for a couple hours while you live your life. These sessions can be used for families, couples, newborns, friends, etc.

This is not the time for stuffy posed groups or matching outfits, this is the time for toddlers running around with their clothes falling off, mealtime mess, and tickle fights.  A story like this can only be told with the perfect materials, so these sessions always include a collection of moments bound in an album so you can lose yourself in the photos and the feelings over and over again.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be offering traditional portrait sessions but I always love those random candid shots we get by accident between the perfectly posed family photos, and I want entire shoots dedicated to that sort of awesomeness =)

There’s more to come, including details on that project I mentioned, so stay tuned. Thank you for 5(!!!!) fabulous years so far. Here’s to an amazing 2015!