Married: Chris + Kerin

It seems impossible that Chris and Kerin’s wedding is over! April 2015 seemed so far away back when I got to capture Chris’s proposal to Kerin at Rexhame Beach back in October of 2013. Despite a few random snow-bergs hanging around the weather finally got its act together this weekend, and the sun shined almost as brightly as Kerin’s smile <3 Congratulations to two fabulous people whose happiness is so contagious!

Getting ready with the ladies.

One of my favorite make-up artists, Amanda McCarthy, made Kerin’s stunning eyes look even more beautiful.
Meanwhile Jessica started with Chris and his groomsmen
The groom, looking quite dapper!
Kerin had pretty, romantic taste in her details
Finishing touches
Time to get married! Saint Bonaventure Church is so bright and pretty
Married <3
Jessica was waiting outside for the newlyweds 
Such a beautiful view at White Cliffs
Of course the evening was gorgeous for a walk to the beach
Kerin had wisely swapped out her heels for some rain boots =)
A perfect cotton candy sky
Soooo beautiful (and by Chris’s smile I think he agrees)
Now a little story: the February blizzards had washed away the bottom part of the stairs down to the beach, the deck was blocked off, and country club staff had told us there was no access. Never tell a determined photographer they can’t go to the beach for sunset. A few helpful groomsmen, one supportive father, and a very brave bride made sure we didn’t miss the opportunity to make the beautiful photos above. I like adventures =)
Now, back to the pretty photos!
White Cliffs Country Club was beautiful in pink and white
I normally don’t share the introduction photos but with a group this enthusiastic it’s hard to keep them under wraps.
So happy!
Some loving words
These two <3 such loving families 
Party time!



Engaged: Blake + Jenn

Anyone who followed the giveaway action may recognize these guys as one of the awesome couples who participated! We met on a recent “spring” evening in Boston (you know, the type of spring that requires winter coats and still involves snow – ugh). We made the most of it though, first with a quick tour of the Boston Public Library and then a fun jaunt through the Back Bay past some favorite spots. Blake and Jenn know how to have fun. Yeah. That might be an understatement. I laughed way too much while hanging out with these two =) and can only imagine how much fun will be had on their wedding day!  With Blake in the Navy they spend a lot of time apart but you can certainly feel the love when they’re both on dry land. Thank you both for spending an evening with me!


Rick Whitworth aka Dad - Great pictures guys-very beautiful Jenn.March 31, 2015 – 9:30 pm

Joy Whitworth - Oh I think these are fantastic! Yall look so happy.March 31, 2015 – 9:25 pm

Carol Warfield - So cute. Love you both.
MomMarch 30, 2015 – 5:21 pm

Jessica - These are so great! Jenn you look So Gorgeous! Congrats again, Blenn!March 30, 2015 – 4:30 pm

leiha - Love! Love! Love these! Woo hoo! :) March 30, 2015 – 4:20 pm

Introducing Georgia

Sunday morning before the Superbowl I spent some time with precious baby Georgia and her gorgeous family. This little one looks so much like her big sister Ella, whose baby pictures I did two and a half years ago!  It’s always special watching a family grow <3

Duke made an appearance in family photos this time!

I think it’s safe to say Ells loves her baby sister =)
This little beauty was our good luck charm for the AFC and Superbowl!

Taking the “right” photographs

Good morning! Happy Friday! Sick of the snow yet? Me too. Winter is annoying, but it’s good for some things…like updating, refining, setting goals. Over the winter I’ve been working on fine tuning my website and offerings to really reflect what I love to photograph and what I’m good at. As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve added to my portrait offerings  with the new Day in the Life Sessions – sessions focused on capturing a slice of life that may or may not include those perfect portraits, but which will always include your cherished moments with loved ones. I’ve noticed over the years with my own family that I often leave my camera at home for those big, traditional things like first day of school, school plays, etc, and just soak in those experiences. The stuff I love to pull the camera out for is the snowball fights, playing with favorite toys, the little in between stuff that I’ll most want to remember when my kids are grown up and moved on.

Ironically, a blog post was on my Facebook feed today that talked about exactly where my mind was going with the new session offerings and my personal photos of my kids. Scary Mommy’s post “I Photographed My Children at All the Wrong Times” talks about how you miss so much by openly focusing on the “big important moments” and not the quiet little everyday ones. It inspired me to talk a little more and share why I think this is so important. Those of you who have been in front of my camera know that I always encourage play and genuine interaction during our sessions even if the original goal was “just that perfect Christmas card picture” – and often the silly candids end up being your favorites. Why not honor those silly candids and stop focusing so much on the expected perfect portrait?

I mean, who doesn’t love that perfect baby photo? It’s set up just right and is gorgeous, of course. 

But, in reality, that could be any baby other than my little muffin. I could put any baby girl in a purple tutu and capture her precious face. What is uniquely my baby girl? Well, her glee when her two older siblings crashed our photo shoot:
The blizzard of 2015 and Caleb throwing snow in the air, covering all of us, when I tried to take a photo of the three of them:
Isabelle licking Delilah’s baby fingers and toes:
The “outtakes” from our little Valentine’s day photo shoot…outtakes that I’ll cherish more than the official portraits. These kids LOVE each other, and you don’t get that from lining them up in a row and telling them to “say cheese”
Caleb is almost getting too big to play with his trucks these days, so laying on the floor and rolling the cars around might not happen for much longer
Alexus still loves make believe, her model horses, and her dolls, but soon she’ll be trading them in for “big girl” stuff I’m sure, and I’ll miss the intricate setups she likes to create
SO what’s the point? Yes it’s really nice to have those gorgeous, perfectly crafted portraits of your family, with their clean new sweaters and clothes, perfect hair, smudge-free faces, all smiling at the camera. But it’s IMPORTANT to have pictures of the stuff you might not realize you miss until it’s gone. Make sure you take all the right photos and cherish them always <3

Meet Adriana

The morning before our big blizzard hit I spent some time cozied up with this precious little girl, Adriana, and her beautiful mama. We got some sleepy smiles and coddles from the peacefully snoozing baby. Welcome to the world, little one!