Meet Eleanor

I have sooooo many newborns and families to blog! There will be no shortage of cuteness over the winter =) Here is a peak at little miss Eleanor at home with her amazing family. I love this crew <3 hard to imagine the twins are toddlers and big sisters now! I feel like their newborn photos just happened!

This is what a real family photo with three littles looks like!
She is delicious!

Surprise Proposal!

Last night I had the special honor of capturing Henry’s surprise proposal to Michelle! Henry contacted me earlier this week – he was in Boston on business and was flying Michelle up for the weekend. With reservations at L’espalier and a ring in his pocket he had quite the surprise planned for their Saturday dinner! We planned for me to hide behind a wall near their private nook so I could catch sight of the big moment, then we took a few minutes to run outside for a handful of night portraits. Henry and Michelle’s happiness was contagious and I’m so excited for them! 

She said yes =)
Congratulations Henry and Michelle! xoxo

Fall mini session families!

It’s hard to believe fall is coming to a close and the holiday season is upon us with all the amazing weather we’ve had! It’s been such a busy year that I fell way behind with sharing all my non-wedding work, so I’m starting to rectify that now =) Last month many awesome families joined me for fall mini sessions – the foliage is so pretty around here and the smiles on these gorgeous people made it picture perfect! I particularly love the unscripted, the silly, and the goofball moments we captured in the field. Don’t get me wrong – I can pose that picture perfect, everyone-looking-at-the-camera shot all day long but it’s the in between moments – the giggles, silly faces, and hugs – that we want to remember when our kids are older (or when they are driving us crazy =).

I hope you’re enjoying another glorious fall day today! I got out for a run with my little muffin before sitting down here to get some work done.  Have to get as much of this sunshine and fresh air as we can! Happy Friday!

Married: Chris + Whitney

Earlier this year I ran a contest for deserving military/fire/EMS couples to win a complimentary wedding package. It was fun to see all the excitement it produced, and after a nail biting, down to the wire finish, Chris and Whitney won by the narrowest of margins! Chris is a Boston Firefighter and veteran, and Whitney works in mental health. As part of the giveaway, couples had to send me a story of how they met – it’s fun to know their story! If you’d like to read their entry it’s posted below.

We had such a gorgeous day for Chris and Whitney’s wedding! Perfect fall weather and gorgeous details everywhere. The Tewksbury Country Club is such a pretty venue. I loved the mint and gold color scheme. Their little flower girl and ring bearer were ADORABLE and stole the show a few times =) I was so happy to spend the day with these two – thank you for playing along with the giveaway and for welcoming me to your wedding day! Congratulations!

Lipstick kisses!
Little helper
We spent a few minutes at the church, Saint Augustine’s, as it was such a pretty building
Sunset came as we finished up family photos so we made the most of the gorgeous evening light at the country club
Inside was set up beautifully for the celebration
Introductions were energetic!
A happy first dance
Chris got a face full of cake =)
I love parent dances, especially when the family members are so close.
Party time!
Snuck outside for a few night photos  at the gorgeous entrances to TCC.


Their Story!

How They Met

Picture this.  Summer 2005.  College is out and everyone heads back to their hometowns to reconnect with their high school friends, share their stories about the late nights, finals, and love interests.  However, this summer was a bit different.  Whitney just finished up her freshman year at Bridgewater State College (now a University, go figure!).  She became friends with Liz Cunningham (Chris’ sister – wink face!) and over the summer, rather than heading right home to Pittsfield, Whitney spent some time at the Cunningham household because both Liz and Whitney were attending a cheerleading camp for the BSC cheer team.  As the far more mature and definitely cooler big brother, Chris invited Liz and Whitney to a social gathering.  Chris and Whitney hit it off!  Unfortunately, this was not the beginning of a loving relationship because Whitney was dating someone.  Chris couldn’t be bothered by such minute details.  He asked Whitney to hang the next day, since she was staying at his house that night.  The date never happened, but the interest remained strong.  Over the next 6 years, Chris and Whitney would see each other out at parties, pub crawls and other social gatherings.  They were on their separate paths but a genuine friendship began between the two, although Chris refers to it as laying the groundwork. Brick by brick by brick.  He flirted.  She blushed.  Whitney was always true to her significant other, but Chris always felt a certain connection with Whitney.

Fast forward to Saint Patrick’s Day 2011.  Chris and Whitney find themselves both single and at a party in South Boston.  You would think it was time to pull the trigger, but Chris was his old self and laid further bricks.  Laughing and joking and flirting, the two left the party separately, but not without a spark flaring.  Later that summer, Whitney and Liz’s friend from BSC was getting married in Cohasset.  Liz was a bridesmaid and due to some last minute changes, she asked Chris to attend as her date.  Chris had met this group of friends plenty of times and knew that he could rely on Whitney to give him the details throughout the day.  If there is anything anyone can say about a wedding at the Red Lion, it’s that magic happens in The Cave.  The wedding went along swimmingly and Chris and Whitney were at their old tricks but as often happens, love is in the air at weddings and they couldn’t play hard to get any longer.  After a long night of dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves, the long awaited kiss happened in The Cave.  The following morning, as the waves crashed along Nantasket beach, Chris asked Whitney on a date.  The two have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

The proposal is equally convoluted as the story of how they met.  In all his wisdom, Chris likes to make things more difficult for himself.  For some odd reason and in typical guy fashion, Chris neglected to get Whitney a card for any major occasion during the first two plus years of their relationship.  He decided that the first card he would give Whitney would be the day he proposed.  After receiving the blessing from Whitney’s father, the planning began.  With her parents’ help, they decided to hold the proposal in Pittsfield under the auspices of a birthday cookout for Whitney’s aunt.  It was to be held on Saturday, May 30th, 2014.  Chris was working a 24-hour shift at the firehouse on the Friday before.  He texted Whitney on Saturday morning and told her he was unable to attend to the cookout because of “forced overtime”.  He gave a card to her hometown best friend Nicole to give to Whitney at the cookout.  With the entire family in the background, cameras out and prepared for the moment, Whitney opened the card and began to read it.  After a few short moments, she turned around to see Chris on one knee, which is approximately face level for her.  He had one simple question for her.

Married: John + Courtney

When I met with Courtney forever ago to chat about the wedding plans she mentioned wanting a barn wedding but not knowing where to go. We went over all the barns in Eastern Massachusetts but none was quite right. Finally one day she emailed me that they had booked Granite Ridge in Norway, Maine, and oh what a gorgeous venue it is! I love Maine and might just move up there some day. The views from the top of the hill were amazing and we were truly out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been luck enough to know John and Courtney for a long time so it was a huge privilege to get to spend the entire day with them. These two are incredibly kind, fun people and they clearly make each other very happy! Congratulations to two amazing people! xoxo

Killer country details – the flowers, favors and signs were all DIY! These guys were busy!
Courtney and her bridal party looked fabulous in plaid up in the lodge!
Someone was very interested in all the bride’s finery
Getting dressed
Meanwhile Frank spent some time with John and his crew. They had some fun with taxidermy…
Here’s Johnny!!
This guy was looking good
I LOVED that Courtney’s brother Nick was a “brides man” and John’s sister Alicia was a “grooms maid” – who says you can’t mix up bridal party members??
Looking good!
Courtney you’re kinda gorgeous – and those boots are amazing!
Pup Chara made an appearance!
Happy =)
We caught the pretty sunset over the mountains 
The barn at Granite Ridge is pretty awesome and it was all dressed up for the night
Table with a view
The newlyweds’ first dance
Father and daughter
Mother and son
Party time!
I snuck outside for a few minutes to catch this view through the windows
Oh, Maine. You’re so pretty. SO many stars after the sun disappeared behind the mountains.
The End!