Married: Andy + Kathleen

So many people waited a long time to celebrate this day with Andy and Kathleen (myself included)! They have been through so much together and we just wanted to see them say “I do” and enjoy a much deserved celebration. Kathleen was absolutely stunning and Andy had the biggest smile that never seemed to dim. It was simply perfect and I’m sooooooooo happy to have been a part of it. I know Kathleen has waited a long time for her wedding photos so I won’t waste time with words =) Here are some favorites that we (myself and the awesome Maura) captured on the big day.

It wouldn’t be Kathleen’s wedding if we didn’t include her running gear…

So so so SO pretty
We made Kathleen’s dad wait to see her – I love his reaction. 
And then this happened
The guys were getting ready with some stunning views off their deck
I love these kids – they’re the best! 
Best corn hole beanbags EVER
Kathleen was hiding in the limo and the driver so kindly let me in the front so I could spy =)
We all prayed for the rain to hold off and it did, treating us to beautiful dramatic skies over the ocean in Plymouth. Plimoth Plantation is a gorgeous place for a wedding!
All those kids made it down the aisle!
So happy <3
Some beatiful keepsakes 
Allyson is the most adorable creature ever!
We had fun with such a good looking bridal party =)
The Ladies
And Gentlemen
The Maid of Honor was a serious pro. She ditched the baggage and worked hard for her title. Katie, I wish you were available for hire!
This is what happens when you ask Kathleen to make a serious face!
OMG the light in the barn. I love stormy days. 
The back of her dress was amazing!
Party time!
Kathleen’s dad made a toast…and he had ACTUAL TOAST in his pocket. 
The Loft crew
This crowd knew how to have fun!
I am so incredibly thrilled for you both and hope you enjoyed every second of your wedding day! Surely I’ll see you next at a road race where there will be no makeup or fancy dresses  =) xoxo

Christina - These photos are beautiful. The wedding looked gorgeous!!!!September 16, 2014 – 4:23 pm

Sammy Lee - Just Amazing and Beautiful.September 16, 2014 – 11:15 am

Sarah G - These are amazing! I’m all teary-eyed here in my cubicle – Her dad’s face when he sees her in the dress! And her face walking down the aisle! And those two pictures in the barn…perfection. :)

Also – that one of Pat, Rachael, Kristen, and Keith! I laugh every time I see it, haha.September 16, 2014 – 10:08 am

Betsy - Rebecca, WOWWWWWW!!! These photos are all amazing, every single one!! I love how you captured all the little details as well as the bigger picture. Kathleen & Andy, it was just a perfect wedding!! <3September 16, 2014 – 10:04 am

Married: Jarrod + Heather

After a month off with the new addition I was welcomed back to work at Jarrod and Heather’s wedding on a beautiful summer day. The focus was on family and the two celebrated with their closest loved ones at the Florian Hall after a wedding at their neighborhood church. We stopped at the JFK Library for photos and enjoyed the view for a little while! I’m so happy for this couple as they start their married lives together <3

There were some touching moments between Heather and her mother
The girls got their first look at the bride
Remembering some lost loved ones
Meanwhile, the awesome Maura spent time with the guys
Then this happened…
Last minute preparations at the church
Time to get married!
I love that there was plenty of humor in their ceremony =)
Family blessing
Jarrod is an Abington firefighter so naturally this needed to happen!
Then we hit the waterfront at the JFK Library
Yes…they actually cut the cake with this!
The toasts were rowdy and fun!
Congratulations Jarrod and Heather! xoxo

Introducing Delilah

So there’s a pretty cute reason for the radio silence over here – her name is Delilah Jane, and she arrived last weekend! This little one accompanied me to many of your weddings and portrait sessions in recent months, and ran her fair share of road races too =)

Delilah was born at 7:45am Saturday, July 19. She weighed 7 pounds, 5.7 ounces and was 19 inches long. She’s already growing like crazy and is a sweet, happy little girl. Alexus and Caleb are in love so I think we’ll have plenty of help. Thank you for all your well wishes and kind words, and for your patience while I paused some of my work over the past two weeks. Now I have an editing buddy and we will get caught up!

Here is a little peak at our newest addition <3

I brought my camera and had set it on the windowsill – one of the nurses grabbed it and caught some photos of Delilah’s arrival

Caleb and Alexus meeting their brand new sister a couple hours after she was born <3 – our fabulous friend/babysitter/assistant/photography student grabbed my camera for a few minutes when she brought the kids from home to meet the baby. Thank you Melanie for coming to the house at 1:30am and being there when the kids woke up, bringing them over, and just generally being awesome!!!
This little girl is going to be trying to steal the baby as much as possible!
Shortly after the kids arrived my super talented friend and fellow photographer came to capture Delilah’s first few hours with her family. I love love love that we have all of this saved because it all becomes a blur as the kids get older (even if being photographed a couple hours after having a baby and running on no sleep isn’t glamorous!). Thank you Angie!!
We had a little family movie/cuddle time before everyone else came to visit – Frank and I had gotten no sleep the entire night so we needed to be lazy and get some snuggle time with all three babies.
My 94 year old grandmother and her newest great-granddaughter
The boys were silly
<3 <3
She was not a fan of her first bath
Meeting Bumpa
Now a family of 5 – the photo makes it official!
Going home – 2 days old
The daughter of a photographer should have some real newborn photos right? It only took me a week! 
Thank you to Juliet of Maya’s Curls for sending some sweet new headbands for Delilah to model! We have a couple more to use in the coming weeks when I torture my baby with the camera again =)
She always has her hands up by her face
And here is Alexus’s twin – anyone who knew Alexus as a newborn can probably see that the resemblance when Miss D is awake!
She looks so chubby here! And yet she’s the smallest of our three – gotta love the double chin!
Some more cuddles with big sister and big brother
Her tiny head in daddy’s hands <3
You’ll surely be seeing more of the crew in coming weeks. Now back to work for me!

Peggy Mulvoy - Hi Rebecca, I am friends with Kathleen Riley and Christina Gendreau Beaulieu and I love your pictures of your new home and your beautiful children. Delilah definitely looks just like your older daughter. Enjoy, for as you know, the time just flys by. I know, having five children of my own and eight grandchildren. Once again, enjoy, but be sure and get plenty of rest for you as well.July 29, 2014 – 5:40 pm

Jamie Winters - Rebecca, beautiful photos! Got a little teary-eyed looking at them. You looked fabulous after her arrival! The kids look SOOOOOO happy too. Congratulations on your brand new addition! :) July 29, 2014 – 3:06 pm

Married: Paul + Danielle

My last wedding in the whirlwind that was June was Paul and Danielle, married on a perfect summer afternoon with an intimate group of friends and family! These two have been together forever and you can tell by how comfortable and happy they are in eachothers presence. The day was relaxed and fun despite a few little hiccups and Danielle glowed in her stunning princess-like gown. Here is a peak at their big day!

Some sparkle =)

There was plenty of laughter!
Simi started with the guys down the hall
Such a pretty day!
The little church lady was rushing them into the building but there was still enough time for a sweet moment between good friends <3
Here comes the bride!
No words
The Treetop Room at Lake Pearly was so pretty with views of the sunset!
A fun first dance!
Some of Danielle’s friends took a favorite song of hers (Pontoon) and rewrote some lyrics to make an amazing rendition dedicated to the big day. It was fabulous!
Perfect end to a perfect day! Congratulations Paul and Danielle!! xoxo

Married: Manny + Christina

Friday was a picture perfect June day and I spent it celebrating with a blissfully happy new couple at the Tewksbury Country Club. Christina and Manny were married on the scenic grounds in front of family and friends and spent the night laughing and dancing with their loved ones. Here is a peak at their beautiful wedding!

Christina coordinated purple and white in every little touch
Time to get dressed! Christina’s sisters did the honors
My awesome pal Shannon started off with Manny and the guys down the hall.
A magical summery setting for the ceremony
Here comes the bride!
Details details!

The lovely ladies
Inside it was time to celebrate
It was a special day for Christina and her father <3
I love going outside for some night photos
And then this happened for our grand finale
SO happy for you Manny and Christina! xoxo