Married: Chris + Kerin

It seems impossible that Chris and Kerin’s wedding is over! April 2015 seemed so far away back when I got to capture Chris’s proposal to Kerin at Rexhame Beach back in October of 2013. Despite a few random snow-bergs hanging around the weather finally got its act together this weekend, and the sun shined almost as brightly as Kerin’s smile <3 Congratulations to two fabulous people whose happiness is so contagious!

Getting ready with the ladies.

One of my favorite make-up artists, Amanda McCarthy, made Kerin’s stunning eyes look even more beautiful.
Meanwhile Jessica started with Chris and his groomsmen
The groom, looking quite dapper!
Kerin had pretty, romantic taste in her details
Finishing touches
Time to get married! Saint Bonaventure Church is so bright and pretty
Married <3
Jessica was waiting outside for the newlyweds 
Such a beautiful view at White Cliffs
Of course the evening was gorgeous for a walk to the beach
Kerin had wisely swapped out her heels for some rain boots =)
A perfect cotton candy sky
Soooo beautiful (and by Chris’s smile I think he agrees)
Now a little story: the February blizzards had washed away the bottom part of the stairs down to the beach, the deck was blocked off, and country club staff had told us there was no access. Never tell a determined photographer they can’t go to the beach for sunset. A few helpful groomsmen, one supportive father, and a very brave bride made sure we didn’t miss the opportunity to make the beautiful photos above. I like adventures =)
Now, back to the pretty photos!
White Cliffs Country Club was beautiful in pink and white
I normally don’t share the introduction photos but with a group this enthusiastic it’s hard to keep them under wraps.
So happy!
Some loving words
These two <3 such loving families 
Party time!



Engaged: Chris + Lindsay

Spring in Boston is so gorgeous – the sun, the trees blossoming  - I am always happy to spend time enjoying it with some awesome company. Chris and Lindsay wandered around Public Garden with me and then we found some beautiful back alleys on Beacon Hill. 

Engaged: Keith + Kristen

A week after she sped across the Boston Marathon finish line I got to hang out with Kristen and her fiancee Keith to capture some engagement photos. We wandered around the city and tried not to laugh the whole time =) Their wedding in February is going to be so very fun!!

Dancing around in a random alley – no problem
Kristen is apparently really strong!
It was a change from seeing Kristen and Keith in running clothes (we all ran a 5k the morning before this shoot)! They will look fabulous on their wedding day and I’m sure the smiles and laughter will be plentiful. Thanks to both for spending the evening with me and taking our tour of strange back alleys! xoxo

Boston Strong Baby!

Tomorrow is Makenzie’s first birthday but it seemed fitting for her to be on the blog today. This little lady’s mama Janelle was working her shift at Boston EMS on Marathon Monday, 4/15/13 when the bombs went off, and the rest of that year was not an easy one for her or the whole city of Boston. Fast forward a year and sweet Makenzie made her appearance on Marathon Monday, 4/21/14. What a difference a year makes, and what a special birthday! I got to spend some time smashing a fabulous cake with Janelle and Makenzie to commemorate a first birthday and celebrate this year’s Patriot’s day. Makenzie is one Boston Strong Baby!

(I think she liked it)
Toes + Cake = Happiness. Happy Birthday baby girl!


Engaged: Blake + Jenn

Anyone who followed the giveaway action may recognize these guys as one of the awesome couples who participated! We met on a recent “spring” evening in Boston (you know, the type of spring that requires winter coats and still involves snow – ugh). We made the most of it though, first with a quick tour of the Boston Public Library and then a fun jaunt through the Back Bay past some favorite spots. Blake and Jenn know how to have fun. Yeah. That might be an understatement. I laughed way too much while hanging out with these two =) and can only imagine how much fun will be had on their wedding day!  With Blake in the Navy they spend a lot of time apart but you can certainly feel the love when they’re both on dry land. Thank you both for spending an evening with me!


Rick Whitworth aka Dad - Great pictures guys-very beautiful Jenn.March 31, 2015 – 9:30 pm

Joy Whitworth - Oh I think these are fantastic! Yall look so happy.March 31, 2015 – 9:25 pm

Carol Warfield - So cute. Love you both.
MomMarch 30, 2015 – 5:21 pm

Jessica - These are so great! Jenn you look So Gorgeous! Congrats again, Blenn!March 30, 2015 – 4:30 pm

leiha - Love! Love! Love these! Woo hoo! :) March 30, 2015 – 4:20 pm