Engaged: Tom + Caitlin

There is nothing better than getting to be a part of a friend’s special moments – I love getting to spend the time with people I care about and documenting their lives! Caitlin and I met freshman year of high school and have kept up for the last 20 years (ummmm we are old!) and I could not be more excited for her to marry Tom next year! We spent an evening at the local family beach – they even braved mud and weeds for me! Congratulations Tom and Caitlin!! xo

Married: Megan + Grant

If I could sum up Megan and Grant’s wedding day in one word it would be HAPPY. Everywhere we looked people were smiling and relaxed and the joy was contagious! You could see personal touches in every aspect of the day. Thank you to Rory for coming along and helping me out!

No one could say it more perfectly than Megan’s father did in the closing sentences of his speech, when he quoted the bride: “‘Dad, he makes me laugh everyday.’ Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Enjoy some favorites from the beautiful, happy wedding of two wonderful people <3

The Frog Prince =)
Megan and Grant wrote letters to each other and when I was going through images I noticed they were reading at almost the exactly the same time. I love seeing them side by side.

While I spent time with the ladies getting ready, my colleague Rory was with the guys in their cabin.
Grant’s wedding gift from Megan – cufflinks made from a Predators puck!
I love seeing the reactions during first looks!
Could you ask for anything better?
Picture perfect families
Married, and oh so happy about it!
Some cocktail hour fun
Some heartfelt words
Yes I agree little man, it looked delicious. How awesome is the cake topper? It was 3D printed from their engagement photos!
Party time!
Huge congratulations to Megan and Grant! Thank you so much for having me part of your day <3 You are just amazing together!

Married: Dan + Caitlin

The season kicked off at the beach with Dan and Caitlin’s lovely spring wedding at the Nantasket Beach Resort. These two traveled to Hull from their home in Hawaii – I wish I could have gone back with them!! Here is a peek at a few favorites from their day <3

Engaged: Jen + Denille

There is nothing like pulling into a client’s driveway as black storm clouds appear over the park where you’re supposed to be shooting! Jen and Denille wanted to ale sure we include their furry friends in a quick family shoot at the house before we hiked to some special spots in the nearby woods. Luckily we only got rained on a little, and the moody skies made for some beautiful photos! 

Engaged: Dan + Caitlin

Last night I met Dan and Caitlin for the first time shivering our tails off at the beach! These two just flew in from their home in sunny, warm Hawaii so our chilly beach was a bit of a shock to the system. While we couldn’t feel our fingers it was a beautiful spring evening and Dan and Caitlin are just the kindest people you could ever want to wander the cold beach with =) I am so excited for their wedding next week!!! Here are a few favorites of this gorgeous couple <3