Beautiful Baby Morgan

As of the end of last week I had three babies scheduled for their newborn photos today and tomorrow, but over the weekend two of the little ones were kept in the hospital for some breathing difficulties and had to reschedule. I felt so sad for the parents! I’m hoping both babies make it home quickly.

Luckily the little princess scheduled for this morning was home and raring to go =) Little Morgan has more diva in her pinky finger than most people I’ve ever met! She is one of the most beautiful newborns with her silky dark hair and blue eyes, and she has attitude to spare. Despite our best efforts Morgan did not want to sleep for us – she didn’t want to miss a thing! Luckily she snoozed a little and even gave us a split-second dreamy smile that we were lucky enough to capture.

I’m very happy to introduce beautiful Morgan Mary – here are a few of my favorites!

Would love to hear what you think =) Have a great night!