Happy Together: Jocelyn & Phil

Jocelyn and Phil are getting married in September – it seems so far away but is really just around the corner! Just can’t wait – these two are fun together and we had many laughs during their engagement session.

First order of business was to try to get somephotos with the dogs, Rosco and Skylar. The pups had better ideas, such as watching the kids playing ball, taking a nap, marking every tree within a 15 foot radius, you know – better ideas.


Here is Rosco, lounging in the sun

Looking anywhere but in our general direction =)
Humans take direction much better when I ask for some cuddle time!
How cute are these two? Apparently the trick to getting their attention is asking if they want a ride in the car or a cookie. Adorable!
The dogs got a reprieve – now time for Jocelyn and Phil to work it
I love her laugh! Apparently posing for the camera is hysterically funny
Hello gorgeous!

Thank you Jocelyn & Phil for a fun evening! Happy Monday everyone – enjoy this holiday week =)